Mary Rose Cook

Barcamp London 7

I helped organise this Autumn’s London Barcamp. It was at the IBM building on the Southbank. We provided food, drink, some rooms, a bit of floor to sleep on and a blanket. Then, each of the 200 people who came did a twenty-minute session on something they know about. We had nine sessions running every half an hour from 10 a.m. on Saturday to 5pm on Sunday and there were lots of interesting discussions in the corridors.

I saw some ace talks about PubSubHubBub, the boardgame Go, custom fonts on the web, erotic writing, the design of the TV programme LOST, a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator in Javascript, the art of improvisation, live-coding a Scheme interpreter in Ruby, and the dinner game Werewolf.

My session was on 10 Fucking Awesome Bands You Should Be Listening To.

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