I live in San Francisco. I'm making something new.

I've worked at Airtable as a staff product engineer, and at Ableton and the Recurse Center.

I've made a game IDE, two video games, and reimplemented Git in JavaScript. I've spoken at JSConf and Strange Loop.

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I'm making tools for building software quickly. For more details, see my research blog.

These tools should make it fast to try an idea and should faithfully demonstrate that idea.

Tools I admire: GameMaker. Much easier than pure code, but it has been used to make artistically and commercially successful games. Axure. UI prototypes that have behavior, and aren't just a series of screens. Airtable. A tool that is accessible but still powerful that lots of people use to make software to help them do their jobs.

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An IDE for building games quickly. A demo video where I build Breakout. An essay about the design choices I made.

Code Lauren

An online programming environment for beginners. The user's program is rerun on every keystroke. They can run their program forwards and backwards. Watch this short screencast showing the latest features or try it out.


Git implemented in 1000 lines of JavaScript. I wrote Gitlet to show how Git works under the covers. I wrote it to be readable and commented the code heavily. I used what I learned to write an essay and talk on the innards of Git.

Pistol Slut

A 2D platform shooter. Guns, grenades, parallax scrolling, particle effects. The enemies work in teams. The code is on GitHub. I wrote an article about the collision detection. I talked about the game at JSConf.


My latest record on Apple Music and Spotify. Recorded on my phone in my kitchen in Berlin.

Mary livecodes Space Invaders

I built a clone of Space Invaders in front of 300 people at Front-Trends in Warsaw.

More things I've made