Mary Rose Cook

Things I've made and done

Programming environments

  • Code Lauren - An online IDE for beginners. Includes a vm that lets the user run their program forwards or backwards. Watch a demo or try it out.
  • Isla - A livecoding interface and programming language for young children.


  • Pistol Slut - A platform shooter. Guns, grenades, parallax scrolling, particle effects. The enemies work in teams. I talked about the game at JSConf.
  • Empty Black - A puzzle platform shooter. Throw crates, set off bombs, fire missiles, stab with your sword. Featured in Kill Screen, PC Gamer and others.


  • Coquette - A micro framework for JavaScript games.

Building to learn

  • Gitlet - Git implemented in 1000 lines of JavaScript. I used what I learned building it to write an essay and talk on the innards of Git.
  • Little Lisp - A Lisp interpreter in JavaScript and an essay about how it works.





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