Mary Rose Cook

Leopard super slow

I didn’t upgrade my MacBook Pro to 10.5 until I got home from the Berlin tour. (It would have been a shame if the Live/Leopard mix had made my computer explode on stage.)

I finally inserted the DVD and got cracking last night. I selected the upgrade option, some things whizzed, the computer restarted, the desktop appeared, and then everything slowed the fuck down.

Opening a new Finder window took thirty seconds. Launching TextMate took five minutes.

The solution was to do a clean install, then restore my files from a backup.

I have no idea what screwed the upgrade - I had done a clean install of 10.4 relatively recently, I’m not some freakfuck haxie fucktard and my setup and configuration is exactly the same as it was when I was on Tiger.

For reference, I installed on a first generation 15” MacBook Pro w/ 2GB RAM which had the following applications on it: Transmit, TextMate, Quicksilver, Coda, eMusic Download Manager, Firefox, Live 6.0, GraphicConverter, PodWorks, YourSQL, iTerm, Ruby, Rails, MySQL and Tascam US-122 audio/MIDI interface drivers.

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