Mary Rose Cook

My first open source app: Playmary

Grab a copy from the Github repository. There are full set up instructions in the README.

First, I cleaned up the app folder. I put references to all my personal scripts, documentation files, deploy.rb and database.yml into .gitignore. I put database.yml in the shared folder on the server, then added a task to my Capistrano deploy.rb so it would create a symlink from shared/config/database.yml to current/config

Second, I cleaned all the secret and stuff out of the code: Amazon AWS login details, the link to the default audiography, contact information. I put it all into shared/config/config.yml and then wrote a method that returns the data referenced by the passed key.

Finally, I had to get rid of all this secret stuff from the project’s git history. After wrestling with rebase for quite a while, I gave in. I deleted the .git folder in my local copy of the code, changed the name of the Github repository to playmary-old, created a new repository on Github called playmary and pushed my local copy of the code into it.

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