Mary Rose Cook


Plosiv helps you live with the pizazz, the panache, you always wanted.

Now, you can follow a depression of the mind with a depression of a button that precipitates a depression of the air. A sense of drama will pervade your actions. A feeling of significance, or tension.

Some have an impact that others lack: movie stars set hearts thumping, video game characters have combustible accessories and musicians are supported by the drop.

Imagine if you could walk into a room and have everyone’s gaze drawn to you. Imagine seeing a pretty young lady’s eyes widen as you deliver a telling insight. Imagine your father clapping you on the back with the approval and trust you always wanted.

With Plosiv, all this is possible.

It’s so simple. Keep it in your pocket. Finger its hand-crafted, noir-sheen plastic. And, when you need that extra emphasis, press the button.

Plosiv. Individual emphasis.

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