Mary Rose Cook

Talk to GPT

I made an Apple Shortcut for ChatGPT. I use it on my:

  • Apple Watch - “Hey Siri, talk to GPT”.
  • Mac - run the shortcut and type into a text box.
  • iPhone - talk or type.

You can use this shortcut too!

  • Get an OpenAI API key.
  • Install the shortcut by visiting this link on your Mac or iPhone.
  • Enter your API key.


The API key will remain on your device. Besides talking directly to the OpenAI API, the shortcut runs entirely on your device.

Customize the prompt

You can change the prompt by editing the shortcut in the Shortcuts app on your Mac or iPhone. I find this makes it much more powerful than off-the-shelf wrapper apps like Quora’s Poe.


If OpenAI have granted you access to GPT-4 and you would rather use that than ChatGPT, just change model to gpt-4 in the shortcut.

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