Mary Rose Cook

Throw Text

I’ve been working on a large personal project for the last four months. To keep myself fresh, I’ve also done a couple of little mini projects. The first was Tweviews, tiny reviews on Twitter.

I knocked up the second this weekend: Throw Text, instant text storage and retrieval. I know there a lot of these things on the ‘net, most called Online Notepad. But my goals for Throw Text are a bit different:

  1. Identical sign-up, edit and retrieve screens.
  2. Text stored as you type.
  3. Clean, clean cleanliness.

Some technical notes. Throw Text was written in Ruby on Rails. It is hosted on Slicehost for $20 a month. It is served by Apache 2 and mod_rails (aka Passenger). The data is stored in MySQL. It took longer to set up the hosting than to write the code.

So, give it a whirl: Throw Text.

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